The Regent is the newest addition to the Dynamo line of high quality coin-operated pool tables. The Regent combines all the quality features of the time tested Top Brass pool table with a rich and classy new look.

All the features players want. All the durability locations need. All in an elegant design that keeps them coming back again and again. It's the Dynamo Regent. With its classic styling and Dynamo value, the Regent is guaranteed to be a centerpiece in any location.
Slate is precision ground by C.N.C. equipment to exacting specifications of +/- 10/1000th of an inch for the very best playing surface.

Quality cushions ensure better bounce, livelier play and longer ball travel that are preferred in championship play. Cue ball is the same size and weight as the object balls; players can work the balls better with more English. Wider view door allows players to see the balls easier.
Shortest downtime of any tables; easily repaired on site.

Engineered for faster play, making you more money. Exclusive quiet package reduces noise of the ball return system. Magnetic cue ball separator has no moving parts; designed to separate both magnetic and oversize balls. Special leg levelers eliminate the need to lift the table to level it. Reinforced legs are made of molded ABS - tested to be the strongest in the industry; legs shipped and stored inside table. Coin mechanism accepts new U.S. dollar coins. Coin box and housing can be repaired or replaced on site, without slate removal. Rubber pocket liners with Push Lok fasteners will not mar or chip balls; easy to replace with no special tools. Hardwood rails are screwed into the table for stronger construction and easy replacement. Best ball return system in the industry; ramps are straight and easily accessed; no blind spots. Three clean out areas with hinged and latched doors; no nuts or bolts to lose.


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