Richly colored, heavy gauge blue cloth, accented with luxurious polished brass trim are combined with all the exclusive Dynamo features to insure "Top Brass" will be your top earner.
The same reliable, trouble-free operation you've come to expect from Dynamo is standard in this location-proven winner. Contact your local, authorized Dynamo distributor for more information.
Dynamo is leading the way in the upscale industry with its innovative Top Brass Table. It outsells every other upscale table by a margin of about 10-to-1. And the reason is simple: It looks nice and gets played more.... but inside, it's still a Dynamo. It has the exact same quality construction that all Dynamo tables have, including all of the innovative features that make them last longer, break down less, and less prone to cheating. In short, Dynamo tables are the most operator-friendly tables on the market.

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