The same great looks of the Valley ZD-8 table so it fits seamlessly with all of your existing Valley game tables.
The revolutionary new Valley Great Eight is the first table in the industry to incorporate all new advanced features into one pool table. The self-contained battery operated bill acceptor offers an unlimited variety of options, such as timed play, happy hour bonuses, league play and much more. The dual density cushions, Valley Ultra cloth and the Saluc ball are all designed to maximize your profits and increase player satisfaction.

Fully self-contained $1-$20 bill acceptor for increased profits
One piece ball collector,quiter with no hang ups
Diamond markers, permanently printed and coated withclear melamine layer
Soild Quality Imported Slate
Soild poplar harwood cushion rails and top rails
Replaceable coin chute housing,breaks away without damaging cabinet,replaces easily
3/4" Seven-ply soild-core plywood cabinet
Adjustable coin slot,Factory set to $1 play
Quick-change rubbber pocket liners, removable with 2 surface-flush screws
Coin counter on door for improved invisibility
Side-by-side and end-to-end slate support
Glued and screwed slate filler
Magnetic Cue Ball separator uses a cue ball the same size and weight as other balls and has no moving parts
All new electronic timer and play controller

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