Valley has taken the very best commercial pool table and made it even better. The new mahogany finish looks better and will attract more play in any establishment.
Dramatic 45 degree angled corners and legs
The new signature look for Valley's classic pool tables. Each corner is triple plated--polished & buffed chrome on top of nickel and copper plating.

Down corners & rail caps.
Extruded aluminum with bright dipped coating for rich silver color and increased scratch resistance.
Down corners feature matching inlaid laminate.
Effortless one-person leveler.
Using a standard wrench, one person can level a table in minutes.

Solid poplar hardwood cushion rails & top rails
Imported Belgian balls
Magnetic cue ball separator
Replaceable coin chute housing
3/4" solid core if plywood cabinet
Quick-change rubber pocket liners
One piece ball collector
Diamond markers, permanently screen printed and coated with clear melamine layer


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Kamloops Office (250) 372 - 2908