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Do you need to move your pool table?

Our service dept can provide this for you . Most manufactures give a lifetime warranty on the frame and the slate to the original owner, provided that the table is serviced and moved by a Licensed Billiard Technician.


- Completely dismantling , moving and re-assembling of Slate billiard tables of all sizes ( 6' 7' 8' 9' 10' 12' ) from one location to another or within the same location.

- We can also crate the slate if you are shipping the table a far distance.

- Maybe your table is out of balance? we can provide a simple re-leveling tune up
All you have to do is measure the size of your table and we can provide you with a service quotation.

- Is your billiard fabric ripped or in due need of replacing?

- Billiard Fabric Replacement

- We provide an in home service for fabric replacement.
Choose from a variety of colors.

- The fabric we carry is a blend of 84 % wool -16% nylon. The average life span all depends on the usage and caring for the fabric. Usually it can last 5-10 years. Keep in mind that the fabric can be vacuumed with an open air brush attachment (comes with most vacuum cleaners ) to eliminate dust particles or by using a billiard brush.

- Dust settling into the billiard fabric will cause the fabric to break down over time, So be sure to use the dust cover as well to eliminate dust.

- Stains. Well simply put , once it's stained, there is no way to get the stain out. Water and other liquids will stain the wool and the nylon. So be sure to keeps drinks away from the table.

- Just let us know what size your table is and we can provide you with a quotation.

- Not all fabric colors are in stock , please allow 1-2 weeks for custom ordered colors.

Cushion Rubber Replacement;

- We can also replace worn out cushions

- Usually when tables are not used enough , rubber will begin to harden, same idea as the rubber band effect , and will need to be replaced.

- Olhausen tables with the accu-fast cushions, have a natural gum rubber cushion, and will last a lifetime and carries a lifetime guarantee.

- Synthetic cushions need replacing over a certain number of years , if the table hasn't been used enough.

- There are two styles of rubber, "V" rubber is in a "V" shape and is commonly known as pool rubber , as seen on most pool tables. "L" rubber is known as a snooker rubber and is shaped like an "L" ,This rubber is most common on the full size 5' x 10' and 6' x 12' snooker tables , But can also be found on smaller tables

- The major difference between the two styles of cushions is the level of difficulty. The V rubber has a pocket opening of about 5" wide and the L rubber has a pocket opening of about 3.5" wide.

- The V ( pool rubber ) uses balls that are 2 1/4 inches in diameter, The pool cue tips range from 12mm's to 14 mm's.

- The L ( snooker rubber ) uses balls that are 2 1/16 inches in diameter, The snooker tips range from 9mm's to 11mm's

- Please note that the tables cannot be converted back and forth into either pool or snooker. The rails are designed only to fit that certain type of cushion. All of the rails would need to be replaced to convert the existing table.

- The Good news. You can play both pool and snooker on both styles of cushions. Pool balls and Snooker balls come in both sizes, 2 1/4 and 2 1/16. So in turn make sure that all of your Billiard balls are the proper size.

- We Provide the replacement of all cushion sizes in our shop. All we need to know is the size of your table and what style of cushion it is and in turn we can provide you with a service quote.

All pricing in Canadian Dollars & Subject to change without notice

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